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Powerinsoles are small gel pads integrated with a powerchip technology that interacts with your cells to promote a faster recovery, relieve aches and pains, and prevent injuries. Stick them into the soles of your shoes and let the technology do the work!

Each purchase comes with one pair, two Powerinsoles.


  • better cell regeneration / wound healing by 39.9%
  • less tension in muscles
  • reduction of sore muscles
  • less pain after injury
  • less muscle cramps
  • less signs of fatigue
  • less heavy legs after long working days
  • better concentration (through better oxygen uptake by the cells)
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Powerinsoles are meant to be cleaned. You can rinse them off with cold water while rubbing them with your fingers. Due to the adhesive and resetting properties of the active gel used, after washing Powerinsoles the adhesive returns to a high level of stickiness. For hard to remove dirt and junk on your Powerinsoles, you can put them in the washing machine on a cold cycle- just be sure to let them air dry!
Simply peel off the protective film and stick the Powerinsole into any shoe. We recommend sticking them on top of your insole in the middle of the arch and wearing them as much as possible to receive full benefits. However, they work and can be used anywhere in your shoes, even under the sole of your shoe. 

Please note that the Powerinsole® is not a medical product despite many successes in various areas! If illnesses are present, the Powerinsole® in no way replaces a visit to the doctor. The Powerinsole® also does neither replace any medication prescribed by a doctor nor medical treatments.

What People are saying

Since I've started using the Powerinsoles, my knee and lower back pain have significantly decreased and I can finally get back to more intense workouts.


Michael S. Avid Skier and Real Estate Agent

As a senior, one of my major issues has been knee pain. Since using Powerinsoles I am walking without any pain. I seem to have more energy and have been walking greater distances.


Carl K. Active Retiree
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The Advantages

Better cell regeneration
Injury healing by 39.9%
Less tension
Reduction of sore muscles
Less pain after injuries
Less muscle sticking and cramps
Less signs of fatigue
Less heavy legs after long days at work
Better concentration (through better oxygen absorption by the cells)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Scientific Studies

Because we wanted to create our product on a sound scientific basis, we have been working with doctors from the fields of orthomolecular and general medicine since the beginning of development.

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