About Powerinsole

How we started
Created out of a need for effective recovery

In 2014, Sonja and Martin Masching started developing the Powerinsole® in Austria. After Martin injured his back they set off with the goal in mind to create a product to speed up recovery and enhance general well-being; a product that was simple and easy to use.

With most situations it is not enough to visit the therapist just once, because symptoms continue showing up again and again over time. That is why they thought it might be a great idea to develop a “ portable therapy” to take along, always ready at hand. After a long series of testing and trials working closely with scientists and doctors, Powerinsole® was born.

Bringing recovery to the usa

Fast forward to 2020. Powerinsole® is now a well-known and respected brand in Austria and Germany.

Looking to expand their mission, the Maschings reached out to Annemarie Livingston, an Austrian living in America who had tested the product during a recent visit to Austria.

Since Powerinsole® was originally developed for athletes, Annemarie shared her idea to bring Powerinsole® to the USA with her son-in-law Matthew Gorst, a professional baseball player. Matthew attended Georgia Tech where he was drafted his junior year by the Boston Red Sox in the 12th round. He immediately saw the potential of Powerinsole®, not just for pro athletes but for all who strive to stay active. In April of 2021, Matthew and Annemarie decided to officially partner with Sonja and Martin to bring Powerinsole® to the United States, launching Powerinsole® USA.

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Powerinsoles are small gels pads integrated with a powerchip that, when placed in your shoes, speed up recovery, boost energy, and prevent injuries. Our globally unique product helps take your regeneration and performance to the next level.

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Scientific Studies

Because we wanted to create our product on a sound scientific basis, we have been working with doctors from the fields of orthomolecular and general medicine since the beginning of development.

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