Darkfield Analysis

Darkfield Analysis
Darkfield microscopy is an important tool for providing information on the function and structure of blood cells, endobionts, and on the development of bacterial and fungal pre-stages. It can be used to test the the effect of certain drugs by adding the drug to a blood sample and analyzing the reaction that is produced. This examination is extremely motivating, as the patient can see the diagnosis immediately. We used this technique to test the effects of Powerinsole in the blood.

Measurement without Powerinsole

‍As you can see in the picture above, without Powerinsole, the blood cells appear to look “sticky” or like a roll of coins. With this type of environment, oxygen supply to the body can not take place optimally.

                               With Powerinsole after 30 minutes                 

‍With Powerinsole after 60 minutes

In pictures 2 and 3 you can see the effect of Powerinsole on the blood. The cells appear farther apart after using Powerinsole which indicates a high membrane potential in the red blood cells, which allows them to transport more oxygen and thus supply the cells with it in an ideal way.