Double-Blind Test

Double-Blind Test

How was the study performed?

Athletes were the main participant of this double blind study.

A double blind study is one in which neither the test subjects nor the experimenters know who is wearing a Powerinsole and who is wearing a placebo. Each test subject was asked to warm-up, perform a 20 m shuttle run at 5 different speeds, and endure a 60 minute recovery phase. Each athlete did this test three separate times on different days, when they were fully recovered.

Lactate levels in the blood were constantly measured throughout the entire process from the warm-up all the way through the recovery period. During the shuttle run, the measurements were taken at different levels of speed. Lactate levels are crucial in proving the point that Powerinsole can help improve performance and regeneration. Lactate is the salt of lactic acid. It is formed during intensive physical exertion when the muscles no longer receive enough oxygen to cover their energy demand. Higher lactate levels leads to muscle pain and eventually to a loss of performance.

In order to verify the effects of Powerinsole on skin conductance compared to the placebo, the test subjects had their skin conductance measured during the rest and recovery periods. It was measured in three minute periods and the average over the 3 minutes was calculated. Skin conductance has a direct reaction to physical and mental stress. It increases when there is stress and decreases when there is relaxation. This allows stress reaction to be clearly visible when measuring skin conductance. If you have a lower skin conductance, it means your body can handle stress at a higher capacity.

What are the results of the study?


From the very first moment the Powerinsoles were applied, the lactate measurements are lower compared to the placebo. This lasts throughout the testing period from rest to warm-up to shuttle run to regeneration. Physically, the lower lactate levels result in longer performance, a later onset of muscle fatigue, and less soreness in the muscles.


Skin conductance, which reacts directly to physical and mental stress, was also lower when testing the subjects using Powerinsole compared to the placebo. A lower skin conductance leads to more relaxation, as opposed to more stress with a higher skin conductance. Therefore, we can deduce that Powerinsoles can help lower stress levels and improve overall well-being.