Scientific Studies

Cell biological test procedures were performed to determine that Powerinsoles help speed up cell regeneration by 40% and inhibits oxidative stress in the tissues by 24%.
Test subjects had heart rate and bio resonance measures taken on HeartQuest, a system used to monitor the rhythmic patterns of the heart, before and after using Powerinsoles to measure the effects.
Athletes had their heart rate, treadmill speed, and ergometer output measured with active and inactive powerchips to determine the effects of Powerinsoles on performance.
Athletes lactate levels in their blood and skin conductance were measured throughout physical activity and recovery as measures of the effects of Powerinsole on recovery and increased performance.
Infrared imaging was used to show an increase in muscle temperature just minutes after using Powerinsoles leading to a passive warm-up and an increase in performance.
169 mixed male and female working professionals were asked questions about their body and general well being before and after using Powerinsoles to subjectively determine the effects.
Darkfield microscopy was used to view the effects of Powerinsoles in the blood.