Norbert Lüftenegger

Norbert Lüftenegger

Norbert Lüftenegger

Ultra-Triathlon World Cup Winner

20 long distances in 20 days – on top of that, beating the world record by almost 11 hours!

• “How can you do that?”
• “I would be done after an Ironman and wouldn’t want to do any sport the day after.”
• “How can the muscles and joints stand this continuous strain?”
• “You need several weeks of regeneration after an Ironman.”

I have been asked questions like these over and over again in the last few days. And I can tell you, it is so simple to explain how it works:

1. Very good knowledge of your own body and what it may be expected to do,
2. paired with some physical training discipline, control and mental power
3. Powerinsole

Yes indeed, the little pads that are to be stuck into your shoes are like a miracle.
What started 3 years ago with a lot of skepticism now inspires me every day anew.
The exact explanation of how they work would be too long here. But just to give a small example I would like to tell you my own experience: Due to the fact that in my office job I am sitting a lot, I am always struggling with neck and shoulder problems. The more I exercise, the better.

Before my first competition this year in Bad Blumau, there was very little training and a lot of work. What did that lead to? To neck problems, of course. After all, on bike rides I constantly had to get off after only 50 km because the neck tension caused exorbitant headaches.
Well, with my plans of 540 km, 900 km or 3600 km of cycling, this was not an insignificant problem... What to do? I stuck the Powerinsole into my T-shirt on the left and right sides where the tension was and suddenly the problem was solved. Of course, I switched several times to exclude the random effect.

And so, I was able to complete the distances on the bike without any problems at the Triple in Bad Blumau (3rd place), the Quintuple in York (1st place) and the Double Deca in Buchs (1st place with WR).

If you don’t believe it, try it out, or don’t believe it. In any case, it helped me a lot and I am totally thrilled with the results.