Frank Kingler

Frank Kingler

Frank Kingler

Orthopedic Technician, Master Craftsman and Managing Director of Kingler Medical Supplies Store 

Frank Kingler is a master orthopedic technician and managing director of the Kingler medical supplies store with branches in Bad Camberg and Limburg, Germany.

In 2011, he completed his further training as a sports orthopedics technician and has since then regularly attended advanced courses in various sports (most recently in the field of soccer).

Thanks to this further training, Mr. Kingler offers the very best orthopedic care, especially for hobby and top athletes. His focus is on insoles, sports shoes, sports compression stockings and, of course, all associated bandages.

Frank Kingler knows what he is talking about. For example, he has repeatedly completed the Rennsteig ultramarathon over 72.2km.

He has specialized in the provision of sports insoles that are tailored to specific medical indications and dimensions. This fitting is performed – on request – with the help of a computer-supported analysis of running and foot pressure measurement. Here individual stress points and possible misalignments can be determined and corrected precisely and quickly.

In addition to assisting local competitive athletes, Mr. Kingler also successfully consults with numerous athletes from other areas. These include a DFB junior national team, a professional soccer team and the national women’s hockey team. Internationally, he looked after the world’s best athletes at the 2014 Olympic Games.

According to Frank Kingler, individual orthopedic care that is appropriate to any medical indications is the best prerequisite for all athletes to keep enjoying sports and to increase their performance.

This is how he became aware of the Powerinsole some time ago, a Powerchip, which is embedded in a gel cushion and can be glued into the shoe.

Frank Kingler has tested it and is enthusiastic about the effect. The Powerinsole keeps its promise: more endurance, less pain during sports, reduction of muscle pain, and higher concentration and less fatigue in everyday life.

Now Mr. Kingler has created a perfect combination of individual insoles and the additional positive effect of Powerinsole. He has even cleverly integrated Powerinsole into shoe insoles. This package including the corresponding run/motion analysis and individual consultation is now available in his stores.

The first customers have already tested the Powerinsole and are more than enthusiastic:

Christopher Bertram about the supply of insoles incl. integrated Powerinsole by Frank Kingler:

“I am totally enthusiastic about the integration of the Powerinsole in my insoles. Since I started their use, I not only have less pain during long distance runs, spurts, fast turning and stopping movements, but also more energy thanks to the Powerinsole. I recover much faster after running units. Muscle ache or muscle cramps occur only very rarely, compared to the past. I also notice the positive effect of Powerinsole at work and in my leisure time. I feel in shape for longer, my ability to concentrate has increased significantly and my stress level has decreased noticeably. I can warmly recommend Powerinsole with the show insoles by Frank Kingler, not only for athletes”.