I was enthusiastic about the Powerinsoles from the very start! This is a really great product! I always wear them when I am cycling. I can do nothing but recommend this product!
If you don’t believe it, try it out, or don’t believe it. In any case, it helped me a lot and I am totally thrilled with the results.
After my own critical test phase in everyday life and during strenuous physical activity, as well as the feedback from customers who used the Powerinsoles, I am very satisfied with the use and effect of the Powerinsole.
I noticed the Powerinsole greatly helped with regeneration. Since then, I have felt much fitter the next day than I have before!
The findings of Prof. Dartsch’s study showing a significant reduction of inflammation and an improved cell regeneration through the use of Powerinsole technology is definitely an interesting approach
Since I started using Powerinsoles, I not only have less pain during long distance runs, sports, fast turning and stopping movements, but also more energy thanks to the Powerinsole.
Since I’ve been using the Powerinsole, I simply feel more relaxed during times of high exertion and can therefore push myself even further beyond my limits.
Since I started using the Powerinsoles, my blood pressure has moved into the optimal range. The Powerinsole has given me a better quality of life.