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Feel better.

Small gel pads proven to speed up recovery, prevent injury, and help with everyday aches and pains.

Engineered for All

Place Powerinsoles in your shoes or tape directly anywhere on your body to relieve pain and reduce muscle soreness.

Find relief whether you're sitting at a desk all day, a professional athlete, avid power walker, marathon runner, or anyone in between.

feel the benefits

Reduce Sore Muscles

Faster Cell Recovery

Prevent Injuries

Improve Endurance

Increase Blood Circulation

Decrease Cramping

Speed Up Recovery

39.9% improvement of cell regeneration
24% reduction of joint inflammation

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Eliminate Discomfort

34% reduction of muscle aches
40% reduction of back pain

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Prevent Injury

Increase in muscle warm up
Decrease risk of injury

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How it works
It's all in the chip

Integrated with a powerchip as the centerpiece, Powerinsoles contain specially developed magnets that create carrier frequencies which have the ability to influence the body’s cells from the outside.

These external frequencies act like an energy booster on a cellular level and help to greatly reduce recovery times and soreness after physical activity as well as reducing everyday aches and pains from being on your feet or sitting at a desk all day.

1. Peel off the protective film of each Powerinsole

Each purchase comes with a pair of two Powerinsoles. Don't worry if the sticky side gets dirty, they are machine or hand washable with cold water, allowing them to last up to 2 years.

2. Stick each onto the sole of your shoe

Or tape chip side down anywhere on your body. We recommend under the arch of your foot but they work anywhere, so place them wherever is most comfortable.

3. Wear as much possible throughout the day

Move from shoe to shoe to the feel the maximum benefits. Powerinsoles work everything from running shoes to heels. The longer you wear them, the better you will feel.

What people are saying

I've been wearing the Powerinsoles in every shoe lately and my legs, calves, and feet are feeling great!"

Adam L., Professional Baseball Player

My knee and lower back pain have significantly decreased and I can finally get back to more intense workouts.

Michael S., Avid Skier and Real Estate Agent

Powerinsole has helped me with my sciatic and knee pains especially when I work out. 

Aimee C., Office Manager & Cross Fit Enthusiast
Feel better doing what you love
Speed up recovery, prevent injury, and help with everyday aches and pains.